Making A Murderer

            There is big news for fans of Making a Murder, the wildly popular Netflix documentary.  Brendan Dassey, the sympathetic young nephew who was convicted as a co-defendant, won a key hearing today that puts him a big step closer to freedom.

            A federal judge in Wisconsin held that his “confession” was involuntary.  If you recall from the series, Brendan told a wild story about his involvement. A number of his statements were nearly impossible or inconsistent with the physical evidence.  The judge held that Brendan’s confession should not have been used against him because he was young, of limited intelligence, and without the presence of a parent or other supportive adult when he made the statements.

            The judge’s order gives the state 90 days to decide whether they want to retry him.  If they decide against it, Brendan will be freed.  If they decide to retry him, they will have to do so without using the “confession” in the new trial.  If you have some free time on your hands, you can read the full 91 page opinion here.