A change in Missouri marijuana laws

            A new law hit the books in 2017 dealing with Missouri marijuana cases.  Previously, there were only two categories of punishment for marijuana possession.  If you possessed over 35 grams of marijuana it was a class C felony, and if you possessed less than 35 grams, it was a class A misdemeanor.  Both classifications provided the possibility of a jail sentence.

         Now, there is a new class of punishment.  If you are a first time offender, and you possess less than ten grams of marijuana, it is a class D misdemeanor.  This brand new classification does not provide for any jail sentence and states that the maximum fine shall be $500.00.  Although jail might be off the table, a marijuana conviction can still carry consequences that extend beyond the courtroom.


Chad Gaddie is a criminal defense lawyer who has practiced throughout Northwest Missouri for nearly 20 years.