Paying the bill is always a concern of our clients. Here are some common questions that arise:


1.  How much is this going to cost?  Simply put, each case is different. The amount of the fee depends on factors such as the severity of the allegation(s), the client’s criminal history, and the jurisdiction. We believe that it is only fair and appropriate to quote a fee after learning more about the case.  Sometimes fee quotes are given over the phone.  In more complicated cases, fees are quoted after an in-person meeting.


2. Do you charge by the hour or a flat fee?  Most of our cases are taken on a flat fee basis.  That means that you know the total cost of representation from the beginning. Sometimes, when the need arises, we take cases on an hourly rate. That means that you simply pay for the time spent on your case at the agreed-upon hourly amount.


3.  Can I make payments?  We understand that most people don’t set aside money in a special fund in case they need to hire a criminal defense attorney. For qualified clients, we offer payment arrangements that allow them to pay the fee in monthly installments.


4. Do you take credit cards?  We accept MasterCard and Visa. We also take online payments at